4 Simple Rules to Reduce Bloating

gut health Nov 01, 2020
4 Simple Rules to Reduce Bloating
You shouldn’t have to change what you wear because of bloating. You shouldn’t have to make excuses for how you feel. You shouldn’t have to apologise for the whale soundtrack playing in your tummy. These things are all easily managed through simple management techniques. Feel more you again, feel in control again. Use these simple rules to help you reduce that bloated feeling.
Eat and drink away from each other
Ensure that you do not drink before or after meals for at least 30 minutes. Always try to avoid ice cold drinks around mealtimes. Reducing the temperature of your stomach will drastically reduce the digestion process.

Eat fruits first
Fruits are made up of simple sugars called Sucrose, as mentioned before they digest very quickly. Having your fruit before your main meal can assist your digestion. It will also reduce the chances of you getting bloated or gassy.

Slow down when you eat
It should not be a race. Take smaller mouthfuls and make sure you chew your food. Chewing starts off the digestion process, if you wolf it down you will not break down and digest your food properly. 

Check for food intolerance’s
If you have tried cutting out specific food types from your diet and it has not worked, we offer Food Intolerance Testing here at NUA Holistic. This simple skin prick test will enable us to give you invaluable nutrition advice and guidance highlighting how best to manage the changes in your diet, providing you with food alternatives and meal suggestions.   When food intolerances are present you are almost more than likely to have leaky gut/gut permeability.  This happens in the small intestine where food particles can cross the gut barrier into our blood and immune system causing more widespread health issues.  
 Find out more on food intolerance testing HERE. 

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