Naturopathic Nutrition

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My whole approach to health and healing is one of sustainable, implementable changes rather than a radical overhauls of diet & lifestyle which proves to be unsustainable long term. When working with a client together we look at two or three primary goals which they would like to achieve and then we negotiate how this can be achieved and in what time frame. Personally, I love food and wish to impart a love of food on to my clients, food is our friend without which we cease to exist, it nourishes, protects us from the elements, raises our spirits in times of sadness and draws us back to precious childhood memories. Food is here for our delight!. Approaching the table with a heart full of gratitude is where nourishment begins for it is in the appreciation of that which we receive that we derive that which we need. ​

Over the years I have found combining Naturopathic Nutrition and Colon Hydrotherapy as a very successful approach. Overall people feel the benefit of a Colonic immediately, it is as though a weight or burden is taken from their system, by tweaking or supporting dietary changes this can really amplify the result achieving results on a much quicker basis.

For individuals that have longer-term health and well-being issues, we look at foods that are supportive and nurturing to the body, easy to digest and support and maintain a healing inner environment.

"Highly recommend Antoinette, my energy levels have increased 100% with her guidance and advice."

Karina Walsh