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**Antoinette is an amazing practitioner. 

Knowledgeable in her field. 

Caring, understanding and a good listener to her customers. 

For so many years I struggled with a medical issue. Spent lots of money on GP consultations, medications, consultations with specialists, even 2 surgeries, and then being put on prescription medication for 7 months after the 2nd surgery. But still my problem wasnt fixed and I still didn't understand what was causing it and what could ease the pain. During my first consultation with Antoinette she suggested some medication, which I started taking and this has changed my life for the better. I now feel normal again. Almost 2 years later, I am still amazed at how the 1 thing she suggested I take has helped me so much, no prescription required, just over the counter from the pharmacy. For this I am forever grateful to Antoinette for giving me great medical advice. I just recently went for another cleanse a few weeks ago and I feel great. I love the fact that she takes the time to listen and understand her customers' needs, which is hard to find these days as we live in a "rush, rush world" and everyone just wants to get to the next customer as quickly as possible. She once again gave me good dietary advice. I have recommended her to my family and friends. I'm definitely looking forward to my next consultation with her in the future. 

Kind regards, 


Inflammatory Issues anyone?

To anyone who is struggling with any inflammatory issues, injuries or indeed those interested in their general well being, Antoinette’s infra red light therapy is a must alongside her acupuncture treatments.

I have been struggling with a hip and glut since December which was progressively deteriorating, I was struggling to walk and in intense pain on a daily basis until I started using the infra red light therapy, I am a little over a week using it and already there is a big improvement coming about.

I no longer have to take painkillers daily and I am relatively pain free during the night where before I was unable to sleep with the pain.

I cannot thank Antoinette enough for introducing this therapy to her clinic as I said I am only in to my second week now and I am already so much better, I Thank you Antoinette and anyone who is in pain or has any health issues do not hesitate to book in for a infra red light therapy session, you will not be disappointed.     

Susan Mitchell.